Product Categories

personal protective equipments collection for epidemic prevention

Protective Equipment

Protective Overalls, Caps, Face Mask, Disposable Gloves or shoe cover or sneeze guard. All protective equipment designed to help protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection and protect the user against health or safety risks in daily life.

Testing Equipment

Nasal or oropharyngeal flocked swab kits, rapid test cassette diagnostic test kits, viral nucleic acid extraction reagents and kits with exclusive transport preservation box for househole or lab flu virus detection.

disinfection and cleaning automatic hand sanitizer machines

Disinfection & Cleaning

Hand Sanitizer or automatic hand sanitizer dispenser machines, Disinfectant etc. This Disinfection Product Provide you with safe daily protection. Discover a touchless solution for personal health at home or in public places.

epidemic prevent disinfection channels for Vehicle and personnel

Disinfection Instrument

Atomizer Device, Vehicle disinfection or personnel disinfection channel are essential processes to help lower the risk of infection spreading or outbreak. Different efficiency factors for manual and automatic instrument disinfection.

About Ownhealthylife

Ownhealthylife is created by a original textile factory supplier. In reaction to the increasing sourcing demands from our own clients in the period of corona virus outbreak, we carry on the responsibility of bulk purchasing all kinds of protection equipments and also produce quality protective prevention products for demanding customers.

Top 3 Advantages & Benefits

Stable Supply Chain

Ownhealthylife is equipped with strong procurement team to get u sufficient prevention & disinfection supply.

Instant Reaction

Ownhealthylife disinfectant products development staff can quickly react to clients’ sourcing requests with solutions.

Assured Quality

All prevention and control products are selected and tested properly before they are listed in our offerlists.

Main Application

  • Self Protection
  • Hospital Medical Supply
  • Factory Disinfection
  • Household Disinfection
  • Public Facifilities Disinfection